10.25.12 playlist

1009 – Bonobo

New Moon – ALMUNIA

La Femme D’Argent – Air

Labyrinth (Extended Mix) – Joakim

Rythmique Foccart – BON VOYAGE

Let’s Make Mistakes (club mix) – STORM QUEEN

Wunderbar – Christiane F.

Der kommissar – Falco

also played a mix by Holosound (nyc, pulse radio) who will be playing at artilect thirtyninehotel Friday night..

and the big news is DJ GARTH will be playing on Saturday 10.27.12 for Space Truckin Hallobaloo edition!

I played a mix by Garth that was recorded in June 2012, and it’s soooo good! I know a whole bunch of you enjoyed it too, unfortunately I don’t have the playlist for it… BUT, here is a link to 2 mixes by DJ Garth and even better, because you can DOWNLOAD it! so Check it out!

Happy Halloween!! Have fun and be safe!!


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