Chittom’s playlist 3.7.13

Tiny Trendy – The sky is not crying (Fuzz against Junk’s orchestra dub)

David Astri – Dancing Digits (Soft rocks remix)

Mudd  & Chico Hamilton – Kenny’s Caravan (The raymang’s mix)

Stan Getz – Another world

Donal Byrd – Wind Parade

mountain of one – ride

Kathy Diamond – Over (vocal mix)

Bonar Bradberry – Beat the bed (beatdown remix)

Captain Starlight – Zazu

Velocity of love (hot toddy remix) – D pulse

I don’t like acid – Late night tuff guy

The way you move (greg wilson re-edit) – Social Disco club

North Shore (Max Essa remix) – Cantoma

Rare Earth – Get ready (William Robinson)

Techy techy techy!

Fecund – Adultnapper

Total 9

Subzero (D-Pulse remix)

History (still going remix) – Groove Armanda


Midnight magic

Mountain Green (Tigerskin remix) – Ellectrica


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