DJ Disco Rude aka Shane in da house 6.20.13 playlist

Rude movement – Sun Palace

Aeo pt 1 & 2 – Brian Briggs

Strawberry letter 23 – SHuggie Otis

Let’s do it (do it together) – The chambers’ brothers

Live it up – The isley brothers

Thank you – Sly and the family stone

Midnight soul patrol – Quincy Jones


Disco Rude’s play list 🙂

Los Conquistadores Chocolates – Johnny Hammond

suzanne kraft  femme cosmic

tom noble   sleepin in my bed

patrick cowley   get a little

imagination   burning up

twennynine and lenny white   fancy dancer

alton edwards   i just wanna

orlando johnson and trance   turn the music on

eddie kendricks   girl you need a change of mind

the winners  get ready for the future

session victim  cow palace

ron hardy  peaches and prunes

gap band  out of the blue

herbie hancock  i thought it was you


Lucky Fellow – Alkalino

Dynamic duo – Larse

ESL – Suzanne Kraft

Marilyn Whirlwind – DJ Koze

Hey Sucker – HongKong Syndikat & the balearic orchestra

Lanzarote (DIscojokke) – Lindstrom

want you in my soul – Lovebirds

Keep on – D train


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