2.4.14 starship 109 with Eric and Farley pt 2

0.00 – 57.19 Timo
57.19 -2.55.50 Farley and Eric


DJ Takaya 2.11.14 playlist


Takaya’s playlist

Kimiko Kasai – Butterfly

Walter Murphy – afternoon of a faun

Zero 7 – on my own

love bird – want you in my soul

Sebastien Tellier – broadway (chicken lips dub)

ALice Smith – Love endeavor (maurice fulton remix)

Kraak and Smaak – The future is yours (Adriatique remix)

Kate Bush – Sunset

Hironobu Saito – Tasogare (summer twilight)

Big Thank you to DJ Takaya Nagase from NYC/Japan for playing some great music and also Hironobu Saito for sharing his talent with live guitar and six string ukulele at the studio, check out his new album Golden Circle!

1.21.14 playlist

Starship 109 – Mistral

Lava (freeform arkestra mix) – Boozoo Bajou

Tides – The xx

cosyland – Laidback

Get lifted (dl edit) – George Mcrae

D song – Yppah feat Anomie Belle


a good day (DJ Rocca erodiscomix) – Daniele Baldelli

Sentimental Journey – Weird Guilder

Like a child – Junior boys

A lucid dream (terrance remix) – A sagittariun

Tha kee tha tha – Five letters

Tonight I’m alright (Joey Negro spirit of 79 remix) – Narada michael Walden

Set fire to me (Latin Jazz combo version) – Willie colon

Piano 89 – Reverso 68

Maybach – Coma

Changed feat Ernesto – Mario & Vidis


bang and DJ Kevin Koga tag team style~~


1.7.14 playlist


Starship 109 – Mistral

Counting star – Nujabe

Rotation – Herb Alpert

E Man Nian ku – Rego

Agua Santa – Ocote sounds

High Priestess – Karma

Now that we found love – Third World

Half a minute (Joey Negro Sunburnt mix) – Matt Bianco

And i know – washed out

Panoramic – Lusine

Celestial Waltz – Shawn Lee

Keep a secret – the whitest boy alive

run way to elsewhere – Pacific!

Touch – The crystal ark

Empire Ants – Gorillaz feat little dragon

Make you mine – Breakbot

Leonora – Hercules and love affair

Moon light lovin (Manage trois) – Isaac Hayes